Ar15a3 tactical carbine


That Listing ID is not valid. Local Listing Results Show All. Local Listing Results. Searching for your Local Listings Sorry, there are no results in your area. Please try a new zip code and search again. Hide Local Listings. Refine Your Search. Holsters and Gunl Gunstocks, Grips Black Powder Muzz Air Rifles - Pist Bullet Making Sup Hunting Clothing Hobbies and Colle Tactical Equipmen Collectible Cartr Business For Sale Gunsmiths For Hir Launchers - Non LIt has proven itself to be one of the most adaptable and modular firearms in history.

With such a high demand for AR rifles, it is no wonder that almost every firearms company produces an AR From companies that focus solely on AR rifles, to companies that have never produced an AR until recently, to companies who have seemingly always been in the AR game.

Domestically, the AR market is packed full with companies feeding the need for the black rifle. Although the market for new AR-style carbines is voracious, not everyone can afford to buy new.

ARs can be expensive rifles. For those who want an AR at a lower price point there is hope, in the form of a police trade-in. Sometimes police firearms will be available for half the cost of a new firearm. Colt firearms are not known for being inexpensive, but police trade-ins will be available for half the MSRP of new Colt rifles. Many times officers only shot the weapons for yearly qualifications and some practice.

After the miniscule amount of shooting, they were cleaned, oiled and put back into the armory. They were only brought out to be holstered or stuffed into the back of a patrol car. While police rifles and shotguns will often show handling marks, they will often function just fine.

While Colt AR rifles are a common sight these days, this one is a bit different. Instead of being made at the Colt factory in Hartford, Connecticut, this rifle was made at the Diemaco plant in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. This pony-gun ran great with Colt-brand ammunition — even if it was made in Russia Photo by F. The C7 rifle is a Canadian-specific, Colt-licensed variant of the M16 rifle. Unlike the American M16 rifles, the Canadian C7 has a cold, hammer-forged barrel.

When Colt Canada had a surplus of rifles, several law enforcement agencies wanted new rifles. Colt USA imported the rifles and sold them. Colt however does not import entire rifles from Colt Canada. The handguards are slim-style with underlying heat shields and the standard 16 inch, heavy cold hammer-forged barrel is threaded and features a 1 in 9 inch twist rate.

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The receiver is marked. While the finish on police rifles will often be scratched or dinged up, these are purely cosmetic. As basic as a police rifle usually is, it can make a great starting point for someone who really wants to customize their AR, giving you a blank slate for half the price of a new rifle.

ARs were designed as lightweight carbines and this one is staying that way. Jungle-magazine setup is old-school, but functional Photo by F. I tested the rifle with three brands of ammunition: 55 grain.

ar15a3 tactical carbine

I shot at 25 yards and found the best groups of the day to be from the Federal M PMC gave groups of 1 inch to 1. If your police rifle is going to do double-duty for hunting, then be sure to test out which ammo works best and achieves the best accuracy.

A 1 turn in 9 inches twist rate can easily stabilize everything from 55 grain to 77 grain ammunition, if you plan on taking longer shots.

One thing I noticed while shooting was the trigger. Factory AR triggers are heavy, gritty, creepy and just not good. Luckily on this police rifle, the previous user smoothed it out. While it was still heavy, there was little creep, but the break was nice.

ar15a3 tactical carbine

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Open Fullscreen. Item Views. Item Interest. Manufactured during the Assault Weapon Ban, with markings denoting it as restricted to non-civilian use. Post front and adjustable peep rear sights, with a bird cage flash hider on a 5.

The receiver is outfitted with an A4 upper, detachable carrying handle, and standard markings. With a ribbed round forearm, checkered pistol grip and 4-position telescoping buttstock. With a matching numbered box and an extra magazine.

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The furniture is in equal condition. Mechanically excellent.Read the full rules herefailing to follow them may result in your removal from the classifieds or the forum entirely. Please Note: You can not reply to other people's classified ads, it is not a problem with your account. Contact them either via email or private message. PAFOA provides space for this marketplace for non-prohibited persons to offer to sell or buy legal firearms with other non-prohibited persons.

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Gun Review: Colt Canada's AR-15A3 is sweeter than maple syrup

To contact the administrator click here. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved.AR A3 Tactical Carbine 5. The ARA3 model AR is an exceptional patrol rifle with tactical accuracy chosen by federal, state and local agencies.

The The telescopic butt stock adjusts to four positions to enhance mobility and fit to a wider range of operators. Easily removable, the flat top upper receiver allows for easy mounting of optical, night vision and other tactical sighting systems. The tactical carbine is the answer to all the requirements of modern law enforcement.

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ar15a3 tactical carbine

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